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Day Division Master’s Program

*The Educational Psychology Program
The educational psychology program develops students into education professionals who can conduct research, training, and popularization related to the development of children and adults in schools and communities.
1. To cultivate “children and adult education” and “research and promotion human resource”.
2. To investigate lifetime development and learning issue.
3. To strengthen knowledge about children and adult mental counseling.

*The Counseling and Guidance Program
The counseling and guidance program aims to develop students into counseling professionals who can provide psychological counseling service, training, and popularization in schools and communities.
1. Cultivate professional school- and community-based psychological counselors.
2. Cultivate researchers engaged in mental health.
3. Cultivate counseling education, training and promotion talents.
4. Implement cooperation with local education and counseling institutions to provide appropriate counseling personnel.
5. Cultivate high-level guidance and counseling related talents.